Magic EP.jpeg

Colin Weeks

MAGIC is the latest EP from Montreal-based pop n' soul boy Colin Weeks. With trademark chillness, he delivers a set of warm, feel-good pop tunes.

Inspired by his West Coast upbringing, Colin weaves breezy guitar tones with lazy, laid-back bass and drum grooves. From the reggae of Island Double, to the vintage tropical Coconut Supreme, to the 'almost' hip-hop title track, the tunes have you swaying the whole time. The EP is grounded by it's only ballad, I'm On Your Side, a beautiful and candid letter to a friend. Slapping the bass is Weeks' best friend Yitzy,  and soaring above with glowing harmonies are the irreplaceable Sara Shields-Rivard and Helena Dardelet. Finally, the percussive glue is all Philip Shaw Bova, who engineered the record as well.

Magic feels both contemporary and classic, perfect for an afternoon pool party. Weeks invites you over and serves up an ice-cold Peach Mango Rum Splash, all while you soak up the sun and melt your problems away.

The four-song EP is out July 6th, 2018.